At BLOCK we understand the risk construction can have and will never compromise on safety. Our belief is that it is every individual’s right to go home each day the same way they arrived. Every person has the power to make a difference and improve the conditions on-site. At BLOCK we feel safety is a culture and not just a box to check. Our employees maintain their OSHA-30 Hour certification and are continuously trained and re-trained on the risks of daily tasks. Our employees also understand that the same task can have a different risk when other factors change such as project site conditions, weather, and fatigue. The empowerment of all our team members to make sure everyone is working safely supports our commitment to creating a culture of safety. At BLOCK we take an educational approach to safety. Our focus on training and educating our employees, clients, and trade partners allows for continuous improvement and manages risk in a proactive manner. We feel that proper training and planning can help eliminate risk and create a safer environment.

Our team will prioritize job site safety by doing the following:

  • Creating a culture of safety!

  • Engage in risk identification and empower employees to eliminate or manage risk through collaborative planning.

  • Continuously educate and retrain our teams in the ever-changing construction industry.

  • Observe and act with a hands-on approach to on-site leadership.

  • Improve and adapt our safety culture to the unique projects we build!